Graphic Novel: Fixuna Morgia

Fixuna Morgia!                                                        Fixuna and the Happy Helpers.

Little introduction of:

Fixuna Morgia!
Fixuna and her Happy Helpers.

The story is about a girl (Aiyana) and her reality is dangerous and disturbing. She has no one to help her. Her perpetrators locked her up in a mental institution where they can still control her. The doctors there don't believe her because they think she is psychotic and has a Dissociative Identity Disorder. They forget that the only reason she has DID, is because of the trauma's. But because no one believes her, she stay's traumatized by her perpetrators.

All-though she is a little psychotic and has D.I.D. she isn't that crazy at all.. When she was little she created a safe-place in her mind, it's an inner world to escape from the real world with her alter's to Fixuna Morgia. But they forgot about Aiyana and she disappeared in The Between World..

The Happy Helpers are psychotic creatures and she can see them in the real world as well. But her Happy Helpers are protecting her. They help her in the real world, but also in Fixuna Morgia where her alter ego's live.

The Happy Helpers are the only creatures who know (the core-personalty) Aiyana in the real world and all the Alter's in Fixuna Morgia. Its there job to help the Core and the Alter's to be aware and to get to know each other.

Fixuna is a clown-ninja who protects everyone in Fixuna Morgia. But she is not aware of the Core-personality Aiyana who still lives in the disturbing real world.

When something bad happens to Aiyana in the real world it's getting dark in Fixuna Morgia and they can see the Dark Sky Creatures in the sky.. But they can't hurt anybody in Fixuna Morgia, because the rules are completely different from the real world.

The Happy Helpers are trying there best to help Aiyana in the real world, but they will have to get help from Fixuna and the other Alter's. It's time they know about Aiyana and the real world. But how can they make them all understand about the situation? And when they are ready to help Aiyana, how can they help her in the real world?

To get from Fixuna Morgia to the real world they will have to go through the Mirror-tree and then you will get too the Between-World where it's all dark. It's a dark and lonely place in the Between-World.. or is it not..?



A Illustrated Novel
Name of the Book: Fixuna Morgia

I am Emily Simons an illustrator from the Netherlands. You can see my online puzzle, artwork and performance art at:





With this blog I want to keep you up to date with the progress of making my own illustrated/graphic novel named:

Fixuna Morgia


I'm over the 100.000 words for my Graphic Novel and still writing! But i am getting closer to finish the story. Then i need to make the Illustrations and hidden puzzles.. and make some more hidden puzzles outside the book...

Fixuna Morgia will not only be a story about a girl with D.I.D. and psychoses. But it will be a puzzle book. There is a puzzle in the puzzle within the puzzle.. You need more then just the book. But you need the book for my online puzzle on my website. And you need the book to find the hidden puzzles, who will lead you to more new puzzles until you find the truth about the story in the book.


Who is Fixuna?
Fixuna loves puzzles..
Fixuna likes to make puzzles...🤡
Can you solve the puzzle?
Follow the path of the Heyokah..






There are still many secrets to unravel. 
There are all sorts of traces ...
Find the traces and follow them .. look where it takes you ..
You have to do your own research .. make connections ...
Find the keys..
Find the hidden codes..
There is more then you can see... Have fun and good luck!